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Mr. Samboujang Conteh, Director of Raid - The Gambia.

RAID –The Gambia since its establishment has been involved in series of activities at community /grass root level, national and regional level. Key among these activities includes:

Nationwide consultation and sensitization activities on illicit substance use, Training of community base volunteers on basic skills and knowledge on tobacco, drugs and other illicit substances dangers in the society, Created a network of peer health educators across the entire country and support them with training and logistics. Training of youths in schools (councillors, prefects and association executives) and out of schools youths on the menace of  HIV & AIDs, drug and tobacco use and youth related issues such as the role of youths in national development, and livelihood skills. Facilitated the establishment of youth parliamentarian and their link with the national assembly and grassroots youth organizations.

Network with different partners at government level such as: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Local Government & Lands and Multilateral Agencies such as UNFPA, WHO and UNICEF in the realization of the different objectives and activities of RAID.

Background Information

“RAID The Gambia” what is it?  RAID The Gambia is a registered national None Governmental Organization (NGO) established in the Gambia in 1993. The acronyms “RAID” is from a French language that reads Réseau Africain d’Iformation –Actions sur Jes Drogues. This when translated into English means: African Network for Information and Action Against Drugs RAID -The Gambia is a sister organizations to similar organizations in Africa that speech French, Portuguese and English. RAID is a member to many regional and global networks/ bodies that fights against illicit drug and substances abuse.


RAID – The Gambia recognizing that the increase phenomenon in trafficking and illicit drugs and substance use/consumption in the country possess negative consequences on public health, social and economic fabric requires collective, appropriate and rapid responses by all local, national and international organisations.

Acknowledging that there is clear scientific evidence that has unequivocally established that illicit drugs and substance use/consumption causes death, disease and disability.

Aware of the fact that development policies of the government of the Gambia such as vision 2020, PRSP II and the MDGs among others cannot be achieved when large junk of our active population are engaged in illicit substance use, drug abuse and related issues.

Recognizing the need to develop appropriate mechanisms to address the long-term social and economic implications of drug abuse

Being aware of the above factors the founders of RAID –The Gambia felt it necessary and timely to institute the organization now known as RAID –THE Gambia.


           Vision And Mission Statement

To have a vibrant youth population with positive responsive role in socioeconomic development of the Gambia.

To create awareness among young people with regard to dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, HIV/AIDs and other social menaces.






Award From The President

Award Medal received in 2009 by the Executive Director of Raid-The Gambia Mr. Sambujang Conteh from the President of Republic of the Gambia for the recognition of the Good work that the Agency is doing in the Gambia. See more

Samboujang Conteh, Executive Director

Mr. Samboujang Conteh, the Executive Director of RAID - The Gambia was born in Banni Village, Lower Badibou District, North Bank Region on the 1st of January 1951. Mr. Conteh is the founder and the first coordinator of FORUT Gambia and RAID – The Gambia. On the Same vein, he is the founding father of The Gambia National Youth Parliament. See more

RAID Banjul Office Inaugurated


The launching and official Inauguration of the RAID- Banjul office was held on the 28th December 2015. The event was grace by 40 government institutions including the multi-sectoral working group, NGO officials and all the media fraternity and the national TV.The idea of this launching is to create awareness and have support from the government institutions and the general public about the 2 years project The project was launched by the Director of health promotion and Education Mr. Modou Njai on behalf of the Honorable Minister of Health and social welfare, Director Njai on Ministers behalf renewed his ministry commitment to work with Raid-the Gambia. See more

Gambia's National Youth Parliament

The National Youth Parliament was lunched on the 8th of March 2002 in Kerewan, NBR. The founding father of The Gambia National Youth Parliament was Mr. Samboujang Conteh who is the Director of RAID - The Gambia See More

National Shadow Report Of The Gambia

This report has provided an insight of state of FCTC Article 11 & 13 implementation dealing with (Packaging and labeling of tobacco product and Tobacco Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship respectively in the Gambia. See more

Gambia Tobacco Control Policy 2013 - 2018

The Tobacco Control Policy, 2013- 2018 provides policy directions that will be pursued in the control of tobacco in The Gambia. The policy has come at a time when the government is embarking on reversing the increasing trend in non-communicable diseases. See more

The Gambia Situational Analysis Report

The Gambia National Tobacco Control Action Plan 2012-2015 have mapped out the goal and objectives of stakeholders in the fight against tobacco use and outline the key intervention strategies and action required to reducing tobacco use in the Gambia. See more